Deceptively Delicious: Cauliflower Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s delicious! Just give me a reason to have pizza and I will do it.

Have you heard of a pizza that is only 600 calories per person for whole pie(Jersey talk)?

It exists and its pretty delicious. not only is it delicious it also feels as though you’re making a healthy choice.

Cauliflower Pizza by Caulipower or Takes about 10 minutes to make. Yummmmmm.

Where can you get it? Any grocery store carries it in the freezer section.

Why is this a deceptive item?

if you look in the back at the ingredients you’ll see that it certainly does have cauliflower but it also has other things in the flower that are just as unhealthy as if you were having a regular slice of pizza. Cauliflower is a small component of the item. Other items such as milk, eggs and xantham gum.

check out the ingredients of this cauliflower pizza crust. Indeed 110 calories for quarter pie is enticing. remember this is the crust only. Also if you look at the total carbohydrates per serving you’ll see that it’s 14 to 1 ratio of total carbohydrates to fiber. This is much less than the target 5 to 1 ratio talked about in previous article ensuring adequate amounts of fiber while in taking carbohydrates.

Cauliflower pizza is delicious but it has no fiber and it has dairy and cheese just like regular pizza. eat your heart out but remember this is not much healthier than a regular slice of pizza.


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