How Do I Start Exercising


Everyone tells you to exercise. You may already exercise but your doctor told you to exercise more. How do you start? Many ask that question after leaving the doctor’s office.

You were told vague statements like “eat healthy” and “exercise more” but what does that really mean?

Your weight is a zero sum game. Your net energy needs to be negative regularly if you want to lose weight. Energy is the currency of weight. Food is energy and the more you eat, the more weight you stand to gain. The more energy you spend exercising the less likely you are to gain weight. At an excellent illustration of this zero sum game is shown below:

This person will gain weight.
How Do I Start Exercising - Weight Gain

This person will lose weight.
How Do I Start Exercising - Weight Loss

Exercising starts with moving.

You don’t have to be in the gym for an hour every day of the week.

Cancel you’re cable TV, an insane business model where you pay the cable companies to watch commercials. More and more people are “cutting the cord” for a good reason and it’s not only financial, its a wise health decision.

Let’s get off the couch and start moving. Exercising means burning calories. You burn calories all day to maintain normal bodily function but not enough to lose weight. You need to burn more and that’s where exercise comes in.

Do you go to the post office to mail a letter? Do you go outside to pick  fruit? Do you walk long distances to pick up something from the store or do you drive? Do you go hunt for your food or do you order a pizza with the sausage and onions prepared? You get the point.

Advances in agriculture, commerce, technology and communication are a blessing in disguise. In exchange for easing our way of life, we’ve become stuck in place and depend less on movement. We are less active now because we can accomplish the same tasks with less energy.

How do I start exercising you ask? Get up and walk. Take a walk for 30 minutes. 

The type of exercise is less important that the consistency with which you perform it.

How much and how often you exercise depends on your health and situation. There isn’t one way that works but there is one way that always doesn’t work: not moving.

When should I exercise? In the morning? At night?

Whenever you can do it consistently is the answer. The morning is the best time in my opinion for many reasons:

  1. You set a positive tone for the rest of your day. You invested in exercising in the morning so you’ll make smarter choices all day hopefully. There is a thinking that you’ll use that an excuse to eat more, which can actually be OK! Depending on what you eat.
  2. When you exercise in the morning you increase your basal metabolic rate(BMR) which is the energy required for your body to function normally whether you exercise or not. Since your BMR is higher all day long, you’re burning more calories doing the same exact things you were doing when you weren’t exercising!
  3. Get it over with. When you check this off your list you’ll have time to check off all the other boxes in your life such as: helping others.

Thanks for reading.

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