How to Reverse Diabetes


Diabetes is a very common but very treatable illness with 2 very different types.

Type 1 diabetes develops because of antibodies against the pancreas that inhibit insulin production which is needed for metabolism. Type 1 diabetes usually affects younger people and is often very difficult to manage.

Type 2 diabetes develops from over-stimulation the pancreas and the body becoming resistant to insulin, which is needed for metabolism of our nutrients. In type 2 diabetes you cannot measure antibodies because they don’t exist. Type 2 diabetes also occurs more frequently in adults.

This article is about type 2 diabetes. The majority of people diagnosed with diabetes have “type 2 diabetes” which is very different than type 1 diabetes.

Diabetic patients are often overmedicated and not educated on diet and lifestyle changes that can REVERSE their disease. I’ve met patients on 4 medications for diabetes who were never told that eating excessive rice can worsen their diabetes!

We need to educate patients so they stop making themselves sick.

Many patients have never discussed diet with their doctors. Some patients don’t realize white rice can increase your glucose levels!

Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance and it IS REVERSIBLE. Diabetes is reversible. Constant exposure to the certain food will make it impossible to reverse your diabetes.

Your body gets used to insulin and stops responding and therefore your blood sugar rises. People keep eating themselves to death and take medications to improve their numbers.

What if patients knew what to eat and what not to eat? Why is this not discussed during a routine office visit? Multiple reasons including time allocated for the appointment, the desire for quick results, and the desire to satisfy the patient.

Unnecessary Medications and Side Effects

Many people are taking medications just so that they can keep eating foods that are making them sick. This food is slowly destroying their kidneys, eyes, heart and nervous system in a way that is unnoticeable until severe problems occur such as kidney failure requiring dialysis, blindness, heart attacks and stroke.

I’ve seen first hand patients rid themselves of type 2 diabetes with diet and lifestyle changes. That makes you wonder is type 2 diabetes reversible? Or even is type 2 diabetes misnomer?

Patient’s are unfortunately unaware of the power of diet and lifestyle changes. With this knowledge it’s very possible to cure themselves of “type 2 diabetes” and stop taking medications that are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

For those with diabetes or family members with diabetes, please know type 2 diabetes is reversible, without medication or surgery, simply diet and exercise. Start as soon as you can and start living healthier.

Thank you for reading.

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