Can the Impact of Diabetes Be Reversed?


A study finds and was reported by Forbes that indicates “half of the adults in the U.S. suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes”. This means that diabetes is very common, but experts suggest that it’s very treatable. The following guide will discuss the two types of diabetes and if they can be reversed.

Two Types of Diabetes

Type 1

Type 1 evolves because of antibodies against the pancreas that inhibit insulin production (needed for metabolism). Further, type 1 usually impacts younger individuals and is often very difficult to manage.

Type 2

Type 2 evolves from over-stimulation of the pancreas and the body becoming resistant to insulin (needed for the metabolism of our nutrients). With type 2, you can’t measure antibodies because they don’t exist. In fact, usually, adults develop type 2 diabetes.

The majority of the people diagnosed with diabetes have type 2. The second half of this article focuses on the symptoms and treatment options for type 2 which is very different from type 1.

A Closer Look at Type 2

Many patients are over medicated and don’t discuss their diet with their doctor which can worsen their symptoms. For example, excess rice can have a negative impact, but is often overlooked because the patient doesn’t include or have the time to discuss this information during their doctor’s appointment. Educating the patients is the key to many patients eliminating making themselves sick. Many patients can improve their diabetes by knowing what to eat and what not eat.

Unnecessary Diabetes Medication & Their Side Effects

Ironically, many people are taking medication that allows them to keep eating the foods causing them to be sick. These foods have an unnoticeable impact to the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, and heart. Many individuals aren’t aware of the devastating impact these foods have on their diabetes until it requires dialysis or leads to a stroke, blindness, or a heart attack.

There has been a firsthand account of patients with type 2 with a chance at better health by changing their diet and overall lifestyle. This makes you ask the question is type 2 reversible or misnomer?

The following information can help millions of sufferers cure themselves of diabetes, stop taking unnecessary medication that is potentially harmful, and avoid harmful side effects.

Bottom Line

Your family and friends suffering from diabetes should know that type 2 is reversible. Patients can live a healthier life without surgery or diabetic medication. Simply put, improve your diet and change your lifestyle to improve your chances of succumbing to type 2.

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