How Do I Lose Weight? Consistency! Consistency! Consistency!


Your doctor tells you to exercise more to lose weight. Your Mom tells you to exercise more to lose weight. The little voice in your head tells you to exercise more to lose weight.

But how do you get yourself in gear and out there to start exercising and shedding those pounds?

How Do I Lose Weight?

The principle behind weight loss is simple; burn more calories than you ingest. The graphic below explains that in plain language.

The good news is, there is no one way to accomplish this caloric deficit and lose weight. If you like to get your exercise in the gym, you can spend your time there. If you hate the gym but love sports, that is a great way to burn calories. Whatever physical activity you enjoy, as long as you are doing it vigorously, and combine it with a healthy diet, you will lose weight.

The key to losing weight is consistency. You must make a plan and stick to it, even when it is difficult. You can start off slow, a simple 10-minute walk is a good start if it challenges you. Each day try to do a little more than you did before. This is how you build a routine and see actual results.

What is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Anytime is a good time to exercise, but exercising in the morning does offer some advantages.

  1. You set a positive tone for the rest of your day. You invested in exercising in the morning so you’ll make smarter choices all day hopefully.
  2. When you exercise in the morning you increase your basal metabolic rate(BMR) which is the energy required for your body to function normally whether you exercise or not. Since your BMR is higher all day long, you’re burning more calories doing the same exact things you were doing when you weren’t exercising!
  3. Get it over with. When you check this off your list you’ll have time to check off all the other boxes in your life.

Learn More About Losing Weight

The principles behind weight loss are simple, but the practice can be very difficult. It is normal to have a bad day once in a while, but do not let that bad day become a bad week, month, year. If you have the desire and can maintain a consistent routine, you will succeed. And whenever a friend ass you, “How do I lose weight?” you will know what to tell them.

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