Why Are Obese Children Shorter?


Childhood obesity is a massive medical problem because it has the potential to cause many other health problems later in life. It can even prevent obese children from growing up to their maximum potential height. A healthy diet is one of the best tools that we have to prevent obesity, and a plant-based diet can be a great choice for countering those effects.

Height and Diet

A person’s diet as a is one of the biggest factors in determining their height. In general, a person who has a healthy diet will grow to be taller than a person who suffers from poor nutrition. There are other factors, but diet is one of the most important and the easiest for parents to control. Further, there are a few ways to build a diet that will encourage healthy growth for obese children.

There is some research to suggest that adolescent obesity prevents people from growing to their maximum potential height and causes a variety of other medical problems. Avoiding childhood obesity is one of the keys to growing into a healthy adult.

Researchers have also found that a plant-based diet can help to encourage growth. The difference remained even after the researchers looked at other factors, such as parental height. That shows that children who have a healthy vegetarian or nearly vegetarian diet should grow to be at least as tall as their peers.

People who eat plant-based diets are also less likely to be obese than those on other diets. Their ability to fight obesity and encourage growth makes them a good way to encourage children to grow into strong and healthy adults.

Why it Matters

Height may not seem like a big deal, but being tall actually offers a few benefits over being short. Tall people tend to earn more money and be happier with their lives than shorter people. Both men and women benefit from it. That means that parents who give their children a healthy diet are making it easier for them to live both healthier and happier lives.

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