What Tests Should I Ask My Doctor For?


Answer the 2 questions below to see general recommendations. First let me explain:

At the moment, there is no consensus on how frequently doctors should order routine labwork. That means Doctor A may check your bloodwork for anemia every 5 years and Doctor B may check your bloodwork every 10 years.

Why does this matter? 5 years is a long time. For the case of anemia, here’s an example of the trouble with waiting too long:

Example: A 57 year old female has normal blood tests and her doctor waits 10 years to repeat tests. In that time, she becomes anemic and starts to feel fatigued. She starts to feel depressed and starts medication for her depression which has side effects like weight gain, heart beat irregularities and insomnia. She can’t sleep and now starts a medication for insomnia. On and on we go…

Solution: Her anemia could have been identified earlier and treated easily, sparing her 5 years of misery and unnecessary medications with side effects

There’s many cases like this. As an internal medicine doctor, preventative care is what we love to do. Check out these 2 questions below to see what basic labwork you should be having and how frequently. Thanks for reading.

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